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Become a UNICEF Young Ambassador

2014-15 Young Ambassadors

UNICEF Australia is committed to putting children and young people at the centre of our work – not just as recipients but as powerful and equal partners in the work of ensuring their rights are realised.

One of the ways we do this is through our Young Ambassador program, which brings youth directly into the heart of our decision-making.

Our Young Ambassadors are equipped with a deep and applied understanding of child rights which they take with them into every sphere of work and life, during their time as Young Ambassadors and for years to come.  

Jay and Hiba Meet the 2014/15 Young Ambassadors

These ten young Australians have diverse life stories and big plans for children.

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Apply to become a Young Ambassador

Find out more about the role and submit your application to become the next UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador.

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Things that Matter Report

The 2014-15 Young Ambassadors have consulted with over 1500 children around Australia to find out what matters to them this 25th Anniversary of the CRC.

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2012/13 campaign: Youth say YES to Recognition

UNICEF Australia's 2012/13 Young Ambassadors asked young people around Australia what they knew about discrimniation in our Constitution.

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2011/12 survey: Is Australia doing enough to fight global poverty?

UNICEF Australia's 2011/12 Young Ambassadors asked more than 1,000 young Australian's what they thought about Australia's commitment to aid.

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