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Child Rights Advocates

Become a Child Rights Advocate

Do you want more information on child rights in Australia and overseas?

Would you like to hear about action you can take to ensure the rights of children are upheld?

We have thousands of passionate advocates that stand up and speak out for child rights, individuals, who like you, want to ensure the best interests of each and every child, here in Australia and overseas.

Perhaps you would like to be more informed on the issues facing children, their rights and how the 2013 federal election will impact children this year. The Child Rights Advocate Toolkit gives practical advice on lobbying your local Member of Parliament; on writing a compelling opinion piece; and, attracting media attention to your cause. We will also keep you up-to-date on opportunities to join UNICEF and other Child Rights Advocates in various ways throughout the year.

Perhaps you just want an opportunity to make the world a better place for children.
Our Child Rights Advocates are a community of UNICEF supporters who work individually and together to influence change for the world's most vulnerable children.

Sign up using the form below to become a UNICEF Child Rights Advocate, to receive your toolkit and to receive regular updates on our advocacy campaigns.

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Just a couple more things that will help us keep you informed on issues relevant to you and your electorate.