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Global Corporate Challenge® gets the world moving to turn water taps on for UNICEF


Tony de Costa, 7, of Dili, Timor Leste, fills a metal bucket with water while Notacia Pereira, 8, works the hand pump for him. CREDIT: © UNICEF/NYHQ2000-0048/Holmes

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FEEL better, sleep better and help make the world a better place for children with UNICEF’s new partnership with the Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC).

To mark the 10th year of the challenge and its success in improving the health of corporate workforces around the world, GCC has partnered with UNICEF to improve the health of the world’s children. The partnership, announced late in January, will put water pumps into communities with the support of GCC participants.

The GCC movement is the world’s largest workplace wellbeing initiative and, to date, has supported 600,000 employees in leading a healthier life. In 2013 it is extending that commitment to ensure the wellbeing and health of children through access to clean water.

Water pumps deliver safe, clean water for entire communities and the hundreds of thousands of children and adults within them. Beyond providing safe drinking water, the water pumps purchased by the GCC will also help reduce the spread of water-borne diseases like cholera and enable children who previously spent their days collecting water to instead spend their time in school.

Starting this year, the GCC will raise awareness about UNICEF’s work in this field via its signature “virtual world tour” which will include some of the very regions that will benefit from the partnership. The GCC will also facilitate voluntary participant donations and match these dollar-for-dollar.

“We’re anticipating 250,000 employees will participate in the GCC this year, which holds great collective power and potential,” GCC chief executive officer Tom Sermon said.

“By getting involved in the GCC, it is clear our clients proudly practice corporate social responsibility, both towards their employees as well as the greater community.”

“We look forward to working with these organisations to enhance not only the health and wellbeing of their workplaces and staff, but also the health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of children and their families in regions where access to clean, safe water is not already a given,” he said.

The Global Corporate Challenge® starts on May 23 and supports workplaces to achieve healthy and sustainable behavioural change for improved health and performance.

To get your workplace involved, visit
To learn more about how access to clean water improves a child’s life,

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