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The first 1,000 days of life is critical.

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The first 1,000 days of life is a critical stage of growth and development for every child. It is a time of great vulnerability and great opportunity.
Yet for so many children, merely surviving is a struggle - 12 children aged under 5 die every minute. More than 25 times as many - over 200 million children per year - survive, but do not reach their full potential because they are prevented by obstacles that poverty puts in their path. The staggering reality is that nearly all of these deaths are preventable.

What happens in the first 1,000 days of a child's life has a lifelong impact.

What can you do?

Give a child a life, a chance, a choice. Become a UNICEF Global Parent today.
  • $20 will provide enough therapeutic food to bring three malnourished children back to health.
  • $39 can provide vitamin supplements to two pregnant women and reduce the chance of infant mortality, miscarriage and still birth.
  • $49 can provide vaccines to protect 175 children against measles.
  • $69 can provide 88 sachets of therapeutic milk containing carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to boost children's health.
Please feel free to donate any amount you like, every dollar counts.
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The first 1,000 days of life is critical.
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