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By signing up to donate each month, you become a UNICEF Global Parent - and make a very real impact on the likelihood of survival during the first 1,000 days of a child's life.
A child’s first 1,000 days is the most critical time for growth and development. It sets the foundation for the rest of its life. But survival beyond the first 1,000 days is a struggle for many children around the world. Twelve children under the age of five die every minute.

Although the first 1,000 days is a time of great vulnerability, it also poses great opportunity.
Nearly all of these deaths are preventable, with your help. As a UNICEF Global Parent, you will foster future wellbeing by providing funds for:
  • clean water and sanitation
  • food and nutrition
  • vaccinations, and
  • protection from harm.
Your monthly donation will be distributed in different ways to reach different children. At UNICEF we believe that all children should have access to their basic human rights, so your contribution is targeted to where it is most needed each month.

Give a child a life, a chance, a choice. Become a UNICEF Global Parent today.

  • can provide 100 polio vaccines to help immunise young children against this preventable, yet highly contagious disease.
  • can provide 1,350 sachets of vitamin supplements to pregnant women, helping reduce the chance of infant mortality.
  • can provide 90 sachets of therapeutic milk containing carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to boost children's health.
Please feel free to donate any amount you like, every dollar counts.
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