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This infographic proves how effective vaccines are

Vaccinations are protecting more children than ever before. See just how big an impact they have.

Immunisation is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to save children's lives. No matter where they are in the world - children who are vaccinated have a better chance to survive, thrive and reach their potential.

Millions of children are left unimmunised every year either because vaccines and health services are unavailable or inaccessible, or because families lack information about immunisation. When almost one third of deaths among children under the age of five are preventable by vaccine, we must do all we can do prioritise timely and effective immunisation.

Take a look through this infographic about vaccinations around the world in 2015* by the US Fund for UNICEF - how they work, who’s not getting them and how they really impact children’s lives.
* Please note: as this infographic was produced in 2015, some figures may have changed. Access the latest information at data.unicef.org.

How does UNICEF help?

UNICEF is the world’s biggest purchaser of vaccines. We’ve been working for decades to protect children from preventable diseases, and our vaccination campaigns reach 40 per cent of the world’s children.

In 2014, UNICEF procured 2.71 billion vaccines for 100 countries - from polio and measles to tetanus, tuberculosis and yellow fever vaccines. We only buy vaccines that pass the World Health Organisation’s international standards.

Help us protect every child

One in every five children is still vulnerable to deadly diseases because they don't have access to vaccines. UNICEF is working to reach every last child but we need regular and reliable donations to make it possible. That's where UNICEF's Global Parents come in.

Monthly gifts from Global Parents allow UNICEF to plan ahead, secure an ongoing supply of vaccines and deliver them to the world's most disadvantaged children - even in remote villages and conflict zones. These regular donations also mean we can prepare for outbreaks and launch a rapid response when disease starts to spread.

As a Global Parent, you can help us reach further, faster. You'll help us deliver lifesaving vaccinations as well as safe water, nutrition and health care to give more children a fair chance at healthy life.