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CHRISTMAS Charity Gifts

Give Good with a UNICEF Inspired Gift that will change a child’s life. Give good this Christmas

Get some change from your Christmas shopping this year. From polio vaccines to footballs, we have the perfect gift for each and every special person in your life. UNICEF’s range of charity gifts start from $16.

When you buy an Inspired Gift you will receive a beautiful card describing your life-changing gift, to give to your loved one.

Get started now! Simply choose a gift, personalise your card and watch the smile unfold on their faces.

Nb. Last order date for printed cards is Friday 12 December 2014. After this date we can't guarantee arrival of your postal card before Christmas

Charity Christmas Gifts - Enough Stuff? Give Good.

Featured Gifts

  • 500 pencils

    500 pencils

    Sharpen up with 500 pencils and watch a lifelon... View Details


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    Sharpen up with 500 pencils and watch a lifelong learning journey unfold. So incredibly simple, pencils are a vital tool for learning, giving children the chance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper. The most basic of items can make such a difference to children's lives.

    Give the gift of education with 500 pencils and nurture learning and a prosperous future.

    500 pencils
  • 6 footballs

    6 footballs

    Foster fast footwork, fitness, fun and friendsh... View Details


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    Foster fast footwork, fitness, fun and friendship. Children everywhere love games and for $43 you can provide six durable leather footballs, and bring the game to children in refugee camps and other neglected corners of the world.

    Give the gift of play with 6 footballs and provide children in need with some much-needed fun.

    6 footballs
  • 10 family water kits

    10 family water kits

    We are flooded with demand for this emergency w... View Details


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    Emergencies and natural disasters almost always threaten water supply. Yet, clean and safe water is essential to life. A family water kit helps communities collect, store and treat water that is so vital to their survival in times of crisis.

    Give the gift of clean water to ten families and help them provide safe, clean water for their children.

    10 family water kits