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Kris Kringle Gifts

So you're desperate to get your hands on the perfect Kris Kringle Gift this Christmas. Look no further, UNICEF has the solution to your Secret Santa woes. Your work colleagues will love you forever. Check out our special range of Kris Kringle friendly gifts below.

When you order a Kris Kringle gift from UNICEF the item you choose is delivered to children who need is the most whilst you can choose from a posted card or instantly delivered printable PDF to hand to your lucky work colleague. Spread love and happiness this Christmas.

With Kris Kringle gifts priced at $5, $10 and $15 we've got a gift to suit every budget. If you're looking for ideas then check out the list below.

Featured Gifts

  • 500 pencils

    500 pencils

    Sharpen up with 500 pencils and watch a lifelon... View Details


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    Sharpen up with 500 pencils and watch a lifelong learning journey unfold. So incredibly simple, pencils are a vital tool for learning, giving children the chance to put their thoughts and ideas on paper. The most basic of items can make such a difference to children's lives.

    Give the gift of education with 500 pencils and nurture learning and a prosperous future.

    500 pencils
  • 3 story books

    3 story books

    Once upon a time…a story book made a you... View Details


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    Story books nurture a child's natural curiosity and offers a welcome escape from a challenging reality. For children without a library or even a radio, storybooks provide desperately needed entertainment and education. The gift of just one book can fire the imagination of countless children.

    Give the gift of education with 3 story books for young children, and unlock their creativity and imagination.

    3 story books
  • Polio Preventers (kris kringle)

    Polio Preventers (kris kringle)

    Your gift will protect 25 children from polio, ... View Details


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    Your Kris Kringle gift gives 25 children the certainty of a life without polio, a major injection of goodwill. Causing kids serious paralysis, the aftermath of Polio will last a lifetime.
    Polio is a highly contagious viral infection, and prevention via vaccination is the best solution. Globally the number of polio cases has decreased by over 99% – from 125 countries in 1990 to just four countries today. But the work is not complete. UNICEF is the leading provider of vaccines for children and your gift will support our work towards a world without polio.
    Polio Preventers (kris kringle)
  • Magical Measles Vaccine

    Magical Measles Vaccine

    Measles claims hundreds of lives daily and youn... View Details


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    This life-saving pack of 55 measles vaccines will help prevent the spread of measles worldwide.

    Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children and immunisation is the most cost-effective and safe means to prevent the highly infectious disease. When UNICEF reaches out to children with preventative health care, like immunisations, it also works with local partners to deliver a wide range of services for mothers and children, including nutrition, maternal care and breast-feeding advice.

    This charity gift has the power to save lives. Thank you for choosing a UNICEF Australia gift.
    Magical Measles Vaccine
  • 600 sachets of micronutrient powder

    600 sachets of micronutrient powder

    This powder power is the perfect boost to any m... View Details


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    This power powder is the perfect boost to any meal. These clever little sachets, sprinkled on any food, help to give a powerful boost of vital vitamins and minerals.
    Just $25 buys an impressive 600 sachets, packed with all the micro nutrients that many infant's diets have been missing out on.

    Give the gift of health with 600 sachets of micronutrient powder

    600 sachets of micronutrient powder