10,000 water purification tablets

There may be water everywhere, however it is not always suitable to drink. Waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid ravage families, and children who are most vulnerable. Imagine how many children’s lives you could save with this gift of 10,000 water purification tablets, each able to turn 4-5 litres of dirty water into drinking water.

Give the gift of clean water with 10,000 water purification tablets and help stop the spread of deadly waterborne diseases.

Purifying water for children at school

Teacher purifying the water for her students at a school in Lodwar

Surrounded by students, teacher Caroln Naliaka empties a sachet of purifying powder into a bucket of water, at Kenamkemer Primary School in Lodwar. UNICEF provides the school with supplies and teacher training in addition to supporting initiatives in water, sanitation and hygiene that prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.