3 family hygiene kits

Toothpaste, soap and washing powder might not sound like much, but in the middle of an emergency, these everyday essentials are vital for keeping families clean and healthy. Our family hygiene kit also includes a bucket, a clothes line, toothbrushes, shampoo, water purification tablets and sanitary napkins. With these basics, mums and dads can ensure their children keep their teeth brushed and hands washed, and that the whole family is protected from disease.

Give the gift of dignity and health with 3 family hygiene kits to provide cleanliness even in the most difficult situations.

Washing the dust away with family hygiene kits

Two young girls washing their faces and teeth using a hygiene kitElina washes her face with soap, alongside another young girl brushing her teeth, after an earthquake destroyed parts of her village in Gorkha district. The soap is part of the hygiene kit provided to families in the wake of disasters in order to prevent disease and help children and their families maintain their well-being and dignity.