3 first aid kits

Make first aid your first choice for a great gift. Each kit contains just the kind of equipment that you need on hand in times of emergencies.

They include soap, sterile bandages, gauze, iodine solution, a survival blanket, forceps and more, contained in a carry bag. These kits can mean the difference between a small graze and a serious infection.

Give the gift of assistance with 3 first aid kits and help provide necessary medical help.

First aid kits: saving lives and educating.

Young boy checked by a health extension worker in Ethiopia

Kalkidan Yimam, a health extension worker, uses her UNICEF-supplied first aid kit to visit the homes of severely malnourished children in the Oromia Region. UNICEF, together with the Government, United Nations, NGO and community partners, is supporting a range of interventions and essential services, especially for the displaced and for refugees, including feeding programmes, immunisation campaigns, health outreach, and access to safe water and to improved sanitation.