Vaccine super pack

Millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable disease. Many of them are living in hard-to-reach places — small remote villages or mountainous regions — that make it hard to transport vaccines safely. Along with 300 vaccines to protect against polio, tetanus, and measles, this pack includes a vaccine carrier to keep the vaccines safe when en route to children in need.

Give the gift of health.

Using Rickshaws to reach remote communities in India

Mother in India wait to vaccinate their young children
© UNICEF/UNI176989/Singh

Women wait with their small children to be vaccinated after Mr. Sabata – a local rickshaw driver – arrived with a cold chain box of vaccines in Odisha, India that include tuberculosis, tetanus, polio and measles.

Every Wednesday, Mr. Sabata arrives with a life-saving supply of vaccines to help protect these small children against deadly diseases. Odisha, where the families live, is particularly difficult to vaccinate because of the high number of people living in remote regions.

The ‘Teeka Express’ is now a formalised system where civil society, NGOs, porters and rickshaw drivers help to make life-saving vaccine deliveries, to areas previously thought almost unreachable, with the help of UNICEF's vaccine supply and transport systems.

UNICEF is helping to make sure that every child is protected against preventable disease, no matter how remote or critical their situation may be. This Vaccine Super Pack helps to provide protection and safety to some of the world's most vulnerable children.