1 early childhood development kit

The early childhood development kit brings hope and joy to the youngest and most vulnerable in the aftermath of an emergency, when they need it most. Packed with puzzles, art materials and toys, this kit creates a safe learning and play environment for children up to six years in age.

Give the gift of development with the early childhood development kit and provide stimulation for up to 50 children.

A treasure box of activities. Learn how early childhood development programmes can play a critical role in helping children exposed to the stress of emergencies.

Young Syrian children playing with hand puppets

Rokan, 6, and Mahmoud, 5, play with hand puppets at Ahlam Al-Tofoola kindergarten, in the Syrian Arab Republic. The siblings, who had to leave their home in the city of Aleppo two years ago, are among about 50 children at the kindergarten who were displaced by conflict. “I loved playing with the new toys,” says Rokan after class. “I love everything about school. I like to learn and have friends to play with.” Since attending a UNICEF school club and now the kindergarten, Sabeen has noticed a significant improvement in her children’s behaviour. “They are sleeping better and are more talkative and enthusiastic about learning now,” she says. Early childhood development kits offer access to play, stimulation and learning opportunities that help children retrieve a sense of normalcy. Each kit contains materials to help caregivers create a safe learning environment for up to 50 children aged up to 8 years.

I love everything about school.
I like to learn and have friends to play with.