1 Maths Teaching Kit

Those first few years of learning are crucial for early childhood development often setting the foundation for future success. This primary school mathematics teaching aid has everything a teacher needs to develop and inspire young minds.

Give the gift of education with a Maths Teaching Kit and give children a chance to learn and develop.

UNICEF distribes education supplies to support the learning of children
times of crisis.

Myra, 8, holds up her new education supplies
© UNICEF/UN0156088/Moreno Gonzalez

When a massive hurricane tore through homes, schools and roads in the Caribbean, eight-year-old Myra and her family were forced to leave everything familiar to them behind and move to a makeshift shelter on a different island.

Above, Myra smiles as she holds educational and recreational supplies she received during a UNICEF distribution to the local training centre where she now lives. Helping children to resume learning is an important step in disaster recovery -  enabling them to reclaim a sense of normalcy in their new lives.

The hurricane, which was the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic, affected over 20,000 children and damaged at least 132 schools - disrupting the learning of many more children.

Thanks to you, a real child just like Myra has received a gift to help her continue learning, no matter the circumstances. Thank you for supporting children like Myra!