50 exercise books

Education is often the first victim of an emergency. It’s also a human right denied to many children growing up in poverty. These books help children open a new page on learning and create a brighter future for themselves.

Give the gift of education with 50 exercise books and give children a chance to draw and to dream.

Getting displaced children back to school

Volunteer teacher with students holding UNICEF exercise books

Amos Asaai, a volunteer teacher, stands with his students at the entrance to a UNICEF-provided tent classroom in a camp for internally displaced people, in Nigeria. 

UNICEF, together with partners, is working to ensure that internally displaced children have access to education and learning materials.

Many children in the region have been traumatised by the continuing violence and atrocities they have witnessed. It is vital to ensure some sense of normalcy is restored to children’s lives and that they get back to learning and playing as soon as possible so they feel safe and secure.