7 school bags

These UNICEF school bags will give 7 children a sense of pride and help them keep their school supplies sorted.

These bags are proudly owned by young students, are fully waterproof, ultracomfy shoulder straps, mesh lined, two inner, and one outer pocket and contain a name tag. Perfect to carry all worldly possessions for successful learning at school.

Give the gift of education by providing 7 children with a school bag.

UNICEF distributes learning materials to displaced and host community children in Iraq.

Classmates hold their new school bags after a school supply distribution for children from five schools in Baghdad's Al-Amiriyah District.

In the last year, UNICEF has facilitated the distribution of learning materials to more than 346,000 children across Iraq.

The impact of conflict, violence and displacement has devastated Iraq's education system. Nearly 2 million children are currently out of school, with an additional 1.2 million at risk of dropping out. Almost 1 in 5 schools across the country cannot be used as a result of the ongoing conflict. Of the schools that remain in use, thousands are overburdened, with large class sizes and many schools operating in multiple shifts.

All children have the right to go to school. UNICEF is committed to supplying children with the materials they need to get back to learning.