5 emergency family water kits

Clean water is one of life’s essentials and yet is still one of the hardest things to find in an emergency. Help 5 families get the clean water they need to keep themselves safe and healthy in the middle of emergencies. With buckets, water purification tablets, soap and potties for the littlies, the family water kit has everything parents need to make sure their families have access to clean & safe water.

Give the gift of clean water with emergency family water kits for 5 families affected by emergency crises.

Helping with health and hygiene in emergencies 

Women holding her baby and a UNICEF famly hygiene and dignity kit on her headThis woman and baby are just some of the many who have been displaced by continued conflict in Nigeria, most of whom are women and children. The family hygiene kit that she has received in the Dalori camp, in the city of Maiduguri, will keep her and her family clean and healthy.