Baby resuscitation kit

A baby’s first breaths are precious. When a small baby has trouble during the critical first moments of life, this special resuscitation kit can make all the difference.
Give the gift of life.

Helping newborns to take their first precious breaths in Uganda

A mother stares lovingly at her baby whose first precious breaths needed some help
© UNICEF/UN0232726/Adriko

Nema Adera is a refugee from South Sudan, forced to flee from her home after ongoing conflict and a shortage of food made it too difficult to continue providing for the family. Here, she holds her new born baby at Yiinga Health Centre III - a health facility that serves both refugees and communities that host them.

UNICEF supports training and mentoring of health workers on how to use neonatal resuscitation kits and oxygen cylinders which are utilised to save newborns with difficulty in breathing at birth, nutrition screening of pregnant women and children and provides nutritional supplements for those that are underweight.
Your gift of a Baby Resuscitation Kit will help babies to breath during those first precious moments of life.