600 micronutrient powder sachets

This power powder is the perfect boost to any meal. These clever little sachets, sprinkled on any food, help to give a powerful boost of vital vitamins and minerals. Just $24 buys an impressive 600 sachets, packed with all the micro nutrients that many infant’s diets have been missing out on.

Give the gift of health with 600 sachets of micronutrient powder.

Micronutrient powders are being distributed to improve feeding practices and food quality for young children in countries like Laos and Myanmar.

Toddler in Myanmar eating a bowl of rice porridge with micronutrient powderA toddler, aided by a volunteer, eats a bowl of rice porridge that has been fortified with micronutrient powder at a UNICEF-supported Mother’s Circle project site in Naungkalar Village in Thanton Township, Myanmar. Mother’s Circles are home based play groups comprised of parents and children, that provide health, nutrition and other care and support for children up to age 3 whose parents work long hours and are unable to spend enough time with them.

Micronutrient powder is being distributed to improve feeding practices and food quality for young children. Micronutrient powder, which can be sprinkled on food right before they are eaten, are an easy-to-use way for mothers and caregivers to improve their children’s vitamin and mineral intake at home. The powder, for children 6-24 months old, usually comes in small individual sachets. Each packet contains the recommended daily allowance of a range of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin A, folic acid and zinc, and reduces anaemia and iron deficiency.