50 HIV test kits

Babies born with HIV are disadvantaged before they even know it. With this basic screening kit, you can ensure 50 mums-to-be are tested for HIV/AIDS before the birth of their child.

Mothers who know they carry the virus can then be treated with medication that prevents transmission to their unborn child.

Give the gift of prevention to expecting mothers with 50 HIV test kits and give their babies a chance to live HIV-free.

Breastfeeding and living with HIV

Meet 9-month-old Caterea. Her mother, Thobile, has HIV, but by taking one pill a day throughout pregnancy and the breastfeeding period, Caterea has remained healthy and free of HIV. Mother-to-child transmission of HIV has been virtually eliminated in high-income countries, and UNICEF is working hard to ensure the same is achieved everywhere else by giving women access to HIV test kits.