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Created: 24/05/2013 | Last Updated: 04/10/2013

Promise Me

{contenthere} Promise Me: You'll stand up for my rights

UNICEF Australia’s Promise Me campaign ended with the September 7, 2013, Federal Election.

The campaign called on the Australian Government to increase the foreign aid budget. More than 25,000 Australian voters added their personal support to the campaign.

Over the past 20 years foreign aid has funded cost-effective, lifesaving solutions – on an immense scale. These solutions have helped cut infant mortality rates in half; ensured more than 2 billion people can access clean, safe water for drinking and hygiene purposes; and, lifted the education of millions of children.

UNICEF Australia’s Promise Me campaign called for real, tangible economic solutions for people living in extreme poverty.

However, days before being voted in to Government the Coalition announced a plan to cut Australia’s aid budget.

By cutting the foreign aid budget our Government has lost the opportunity, over its first term in power, to:
bring the transformational power of education to 4 million more boys and girls.
immunise 10 million children against preventable and potentially deadly illness.
deliver clean, safe water to 8.5 million people.

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