Statement on independent review to improve practice and response of ACFID's members in prevention of sexual misconduct


SYDNEY, 21 November 2018 - UNICEF Australia welcomes the findings and recommendations of the final report of the independent review to improve practice and response of ACFID’s members in the prevention of sexual misconduct. UNICEF Australia complied and participated in the review conducted by the team at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (the VIFM).
We accept all 31 recommendations of the report and will work towards agreement with the ACFID members on an implementation plan. 
Our sector has strong safeguarding strengths which we can build upon and we agree with the ACFID Board that leadership on this will involve adopting victim/survivor-centred policies and processes, and a strong reporting culture in organisations to prevent sexual misconduct.
UNICEF Australia remains committed to a zero tolerance policy on sexual misconduct and is pleased to join the international aid sector in taking the proactive steps to transparently address it and improve prevention measures. Any case of sexual misconduct is inexcusable.”