Australian identities unite for video calling for vaccine equity

9 November 2021 – Well-known Australians have rallied together to make a video in support of the biggest vaccine drive in history to fund and deliver COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

Erica Packer, chef Adam Liaw, media personality Carrie Bickmore, author and TV presenter Susan Carland, and artist Ken Done, are among some of the recognisable faces who have been filmed for UNICEF Australia’s Give The World A Shot campaign.

Part of the global VaccinAid initiative, the campaign aims to provide three billion COVID-19 vaccines to high risk and vulnerable people around the world to achieve vaccine equity and eradicate the devastating disease.

A donation of $5 to covers the cost to fully vaccinate one person.

While more than 80 per cent of eligible Australians are vaccinated against the virus, low- and middle-income countries are still struggling to access vaccines.

“In low-income countries, just 2.3 per cent of people have received a COVID vaccine … that’s just not fair,” says Packer in the video, which launches today.

In Yemen, only one per cent of adults have had a COVID-19 vaccine;
In Papua New Guinea, just 1.2 per cent;
In Uganda, 0.9 per cent.

“UNICEF are delivering billions of vaccines to the most remote villages on earth,” says Bickmore.

“Let’s give the world a shot … because we’re only all safe, when everyone is safe,” adds Carland.

The UNICEF Australia campaign has already raised more than $1.3 million to provide COVID-19 vaccines, urgent medical supplies and oxygen around the world.

View the video here.

Information about UNICEF Australia’s Goodwill Ambassadors is here.