UNICEF relies on Australia’s private sector to effect long-term, sustainable change for children worldwide. We are proud to partner with some of Australia's most prominent companies and we thank them for their commitment to UNICEF’s work.

Louis Vuitton logoUNICEF and DLA Piper have partnered to develop the GoodWILL project to encourage the practice of charitable giving in wills. To become a Good Will Champion, please visit www.thegoodwillproject.com.au.           

Louis Vuitton logoIn 2016, Louis Vuitton and UNICEF launched a global partnership to bring life-saving humanitarian support to children in conflict-affected areas. We have already raised over AU$3.4M. For more information visit www.louisvuitton.com/lvforunicef.

UNICEF is proud to partner with 3P Learning and the World Education Games, in which 3P Learning logoStudents from around the world are invited to compete against each other in maths, science and spelling games. A global online event, the Games currently support a UNICEF-led education program in Zimbabwe. www.3plearning.com

Bankwest supports UNICEF's Coins for Kids foreign coin collection programBankwest joined the Coins for Kids foreign coin collection program in 2014. All Bankwest stores in Australia accept foreign coin donations to UNICEF. www.bankwest.com.au

Since 2009, Commonwealth Bank have supported UNICEF through the Coins for Kids foreign coin collection program. You can donate The Commonwealth Bank supports UNICEF's Coins for Kids foreign coin collection programyour foreign coins to any Commonwealth Bank branch in Australia with all proceeds supporting UNICEF’s work. www.commbank.com.au

DLA Piper logoDLA Piper and UNICEF are working together to strengthen the protective environment for children. The three-year Justice for Children partnership will see DLA Piper provide pro bono support worth approximately 5 million dollars while also raising 1.5 million dollars to support UNICEF's global child justice program. www.dlapiper.com/en/australia 
Domestos logoDomestos is committed to helping everyone, everywhere have a safe, clean toilet. Domestos and UNICEF are working together to improve access to toilets for 25 million people by 2020. Find out how you can act now to change a life: www.domestos.com.au.

H&M has been a UNICEF global partner since 2004, with inves
H&M invests in many UNICEF programs
-tments in education, HIV/AIDS prevention, water and sanitation, and child protection programs. H&M has also contributed to UNICEF’s disaster relief work in cases such as the Haiti earthquake, the drought in the Horn of Africa, and the ongoing Syria emergency. www.hm.com/au

IKEA is UNICEF’s largest global partnerIKEA is UNICEF’s largest global partner and is committed to a world where all children have the opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their families. Locally, IKEA supports UNICEF through its iCare work place giving program and Soft Toys campaign. www.ikea.com/au

MMG supports UNICEF's 1000 Days Project
Since 2012, UNICEF and MMG have partnered to improve the health of babies and children in Laos. The 1,000 Days Project partnership is not only delivering lifesaving nutrients to malnourished infants, it is also teaching a new generation of mothers proper nutritional practices and health care. www.mmg.com

Mont Blanc supports UNICEFA UNICEF partner since 2004, Montblanc has raised more than US$10 million. From 2017, through the sale of a special range, Montblanc has helped UNICEF improve education standards and access for over 5 million children worldwide. www.montblanc.com

MMG supports UNICEF's 1000 Days Project
Since 1991, Qantas have supported UNICEF through the Change for Good © program. By donating foreign and local change on Qantas flights, passengers have raised in excess of $35 million to support UNICEF's work for children. www.qantas.com.au

MMG supports UNICEF's 1000 Days Project
Across the Asia Pacific region, Marriott International hotels support the UNICEF Check out for Children program. Guests are invited to add $1 to their bill upon check out to support UNICEF’s education programs.  www.starwoodhotels.com