Right now, major relief efforts are underway in Palu, on the Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia after a devastating earthquake and tsunami tore through the region.

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The disaster has killed more than 2,000 children, men and women, a further 4.600 have been seriously injured and 680 people are still missing. Children are always the most vulnerable in disasters like this.

After the earthquake and subsequent tsunami families took to sleeping on the streets — too fearful to return to their homes because of aftershocks. Our UNICEF colleagues remain on the ground reuniting children who have been separated from their families, providing tents and education supplies to get children back to school and helping ensure access is available to clean water and sanitation. 
When the earthquake struck, three-year-old Lisa was trapped in a hole in the ground for more than five minutes. According to her mother, Lisa didn’t speak at all in the days following the disaster and just sat quietly all day beside her mother - not touching a single toy or game. ©UNICEF/UN0250118/Veska


“Almost one month after the disaster, life for hundreds of thousands of children in Central Sulawesi is still far from back to normal.”

What is the impact?

  • On Friday, September 28 an earthquake shook the north-western part of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia
  • A subsequent six-metre high tsunami then struck Talise beach in Palu City and beaches in Donggala
  • So far 2,105 people have been confirmed dead, 4,600 are seriously injured and 680 people are still missing
  • About 212,000 people are estimated to be displaced and over 68,000 homes are either severely damaged or destroyed 
  • Buildings, including shops, mosques and hotels have collapsed and been swept away or suffered extensive damage
  • More than 1,000 schools have been affected - having a direct impact on more than 184,000  students in Central Sulawesi

What is UNICEF doing to help?

Our UNICEF team are on-site in affected areas, supporting the government's response in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene, child protection, health, nutrition and education. We are: 
  • Reuniting children with their families. UNICEF teams are on the ground, tracing the families of children who have been separated from their parents
  • Getting children back to school. UNICEF school tents have been sent to the affected area and education specialists are in Sulawesi ensuring children return to school as soon as possible
  • Providing clean water. UNICEF is supporting water, sanitation and hygiene support in the region to ensure children and their families have access to clean water
  • Support for traumatised children. We plan to provide children with psychosocial support, child-friendly places to play 
Houses, schools, buildings and cars were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami, leaving thousands of people without a home or shelter. ©Tirto.id/Arimacswilander
Two-year-old Muhamad has lost his home in Palu, Central Sulawesi. Unfortunately, he is not the only one who needs a new shelter and home. © UNICEF/UN0245434/Wilander

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  • $58 could deliver an emergency hygiene kit to keep families clean and prevent the spread of disease
  • $109 could provide more than 200 sachets of emergency food for children who have lost their homes
  • $150 could deliver 23,500 water purification tablets to provide more than 100,000 litres of safe drinking water
By donating to the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal, you'll help children affected by this emergency. If the funds exceed the amount we require for Indonesia, then the money will be directed to other emergencies around the world. 
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