For many of us, ‘back to school’ simply means that the holidays are now sadly over. But for children caught in ongoing conflict in the Central African Republic, ‘back to school’ means so much more: the road to stability, a safe environment, and a chance for a brighter future.

Central African Republic is currently one of the toughest places in the world for children. For the past two years, over 2.4 million children in Central African Republic have put a hold on their dreams for the future as ongoing conflict continues to deny every child’s right to education.

For some, schools have become damaged or overtaken by rebels to be used as their base. For others, there are not enough learning materials or teachers available. 

In times of emergency, a school is not only a place for learning but also a place where children can find stability and safety even during stressful times of crisis.

Education is crucial for every child to thrive in life, especially after years of ongoing conflict. That’s why UNICEF is committed to fulfilling this basic right for all children – even in emergencies.
“I want to go to school so I can learn. School allows me to learn what life is all about. I came back and was able to see my friends again and be happy.”
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“A country where schools are not functioning is a country that will fall into failure. These children constitute the future of our country. We cannot gamble the future of our country. We have to prepare these children the best we can for our future.”
In 2015, UNICEF is delivering educational learning supplies to 300,000 children in even the most remote and isolated areas of Central African Republic. Teachers across all 120 temporary learning spaces are also receiving UNICEF-supported training in child protection and providing quality education in emergencies, so that children are able to receive the greatest amount of support possible.

With your help, UNICEF can do even more.

Something as small as a pencil and a book can mean the world to the children in Central African Republic and help unlock a generation’s potential and creativity.

Support UNICEF today to help fulfill every child’s right to go to school, play with their friends and get the education they’ll need to thrive in life – just as we all once did.
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