The region’s worst drought in decades has ruined harvests, dried up water supplies and left 1.2 million children with severe acute malnutrition, struggling to survive.

Families across East and Southern Africa have endured two years of erratic and failed rains, only to be hit by the worst El Niño weather event ever recorded. As crops and animals wither into the dirt, there simply isn’t enough food for parents to give their children.
“How can I feed them when I don’t have any food? I fear that one day my children might die of hunger.”
No parent should have to watch their children suffer through malnutrition - and they don’t have to. Your generous donation today will deliver therapeutic food or other lifesaving supplies to children suffering from malnutrition.
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The food crisis is ruining lives on a staggering scale, with 26 million children across 10 countries at risk of malnutrition, water shortages and disease. Children are hit hardest, with 1.2 million under five years of age suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

UNICEF is helping them recover with lifesaving supplies like Plumpy'nut, a high-protein paste that can help bring a severely malnourished child back to a stable condition within weeks. But our teams and resources are stretched to the limit in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and throughout East and Southern Africa. We urgently need your help to reach more children in remote villages, where food and water are desperately short and every day counts.
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By donating today, you can reach children with:

  • Therapeutic food and lifesaving treatment for severe acute malnutrition
  • New water points and daily deliveries of safe drinking supplies
  • Vaccinations against measles and other deadly diseases
  • Emergency education where schools have closed and children have moved in search of food
We haven’t seen anything on this scale before.
Children’s lives are in danger and that little
bit of outside help makes all the difference.”
In the unlikely event that funds raised exceed children’s needs in East and Southern Africa, UNICEF will use your donation where it is needed most.
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