Learning to read, write and develop our talents is a right we all have, wherever we are born and however we grow up. Yet millions of children are missing their chance to learn for one simple reason: there is no one to teach them.

We're facing a global teacher shortage, with 27 million trained teachers urgently needed across 74 countries. With every school term that slips by, eager young minds are being robbed of their education and their future. 

UNICEF is working to give teachers the skills, knowledge and supplies they need to bring a classroom to life but the truth is, we're not doing enough. We need your help to train more teachers in more communities before children lose another year of school.
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  • A well-trained teacher who can bring out their full potential;
  • Basic supplies like pencils, exercise books and solar radio;
  • The chance in life they deserve.
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“Education is the key to the future we all want to see. It all starts here, at school. ”

Meet Deonato

At 10 years old, Deonato already knows what he wants to be when he grows up.

He found a role model in his Grade Three teacher, Mr Bruno, who brought out Deonato's love for maths and Portuguese.
“My teacher is very good so I want to be one too”
But this determined boy's education could soon come to a halt because there is no Grade Four teacher to continue his studies.
Deonatos School in Timor Leste
Deonato's school in Timor Leste. © UNICEF/Alcock/2012

Kind volunteers are doing their best to help out with classes but the reality is they can barely read and write themselves. Mr Bruno is the only trained teacher at Deonato's school and most days he tries to teach all 168 students himself. And, as if Mr Bruno's job wasn't hard enough, the school is desperately short of basic learning supplies like pencils and books.

Still, Mr Bruno is standing by his students. "I am most proud that with this school I can contribute to the education of children in this community."

UNICEF is already making an impact in Timor-Leste. We've trained 600 teachers and facilitators and more than 48,000 children are enrolled in UNICEF-supported schools across the country. But in Timor-Leste and throughout the world, millions more need our help to learn. 

With your support, UNICEF can train more committed teachers like Mr Bruno. We can give children like Deonato the education they want and the future they deserve.
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