In the Eastern parts of Sri Lanka, children still face ethnic divisions and stereotypes about what girls can and can?t do. Thankfully, local girls are breaking down these barriers through cricket, but they can only succeed with your help.


With your help, we can:

  • Fund sports supplies for girls throughout Sri Lanka
  • Promote activity-based learning through the use of sport in schools
  • Strengthen 100+ Children’s Clubs to implement sports programs
  • Help build a more peaceful future for Sri Lankan girls and boys, through developing skills in collaboration, leadership and teambuilding
  • Challenge the stereotype that sport is not for girls!
Abisha's dream of playing for her national cricket team is within reach, thanks to UNICEF's peace-building cricket programs in Sri Lanka. ? UNICEF/Jayawardena/2020

Meet Abisha

Abisha is 15 and mad about cricket. She has an ambitious goal to play on Sri Lanka’s national cricket team one day. And, thanks to her participation in a UNICEF-funded cricket program, she is well on her way to achieving this!

Abisha’s cricket team have recently won the local Under 15 Cup, though this victory hasn’t come easy. Unlike most boys’ schools in her country, Abisha’s school does not have a cricket team, a coach, or even sporting equipment.

However, with the help of UNICEF’s sport programs in Eastern Sri Lanka, these girls were given the chance to play with their own cricket bats and balls, learning key technical skills from their very own coach. They learnt important team building, conflict management, and leadership skills. They did this while breaking down social divisions, coming together from different regions and ethnic groups to play.
“I am very proud. Now our small village has gained a reputation for its cricket. I am confident I may play for the national women?s team one day.”
Abisha and her friends have developed important teamwork and leadership skills through a UNICEF-funded cricket initiative. ? UNICEF/Jayawardena/2020

Give girls a sporting chance

Over 200 schools in Sri Lanka have already been reached by UNICEF’s amazing sports initiatives but a lack of funding has meant that this progress has come to a halt.

As we approach one year since Sri Lanka’s shocking Easter Sunday bombings, your support is more important than ever. This devastating event resulted in the deaths of over 250 people – including parents and children – and provoked hate speech on social media that has worsened existing tensions.

Children shouldn’t have to experience conflict like this. They deserve a way to shift focus away from last year’s tragedy and to continue to build bridges across social divides. They deserve a chance to play.

Will you help us support cricket-loving girls like Abisha?

By donating today, you will directly support a program that aims to defy harmful stereotypes about ethnicity and gender through a common love of cricket. You can help to empower future female leaders and bring divided communities together. 

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