Fight Unfair

Join the campaign to give every child a fair chance.

All children should have an opportunity to survive, develop and reach their full potential but the world remains a deeply unfair place for the poorest and most marginalised kids. So let's do something about it.
UNICEF's global community is coming together to fight unfair, and they want you to join the movement.

Because it's not fair that a child's birthplace, gender or parents' income can determine their chance of a good life.

It's not fair that one in five children aren't immunised against deadly diseases. That 59 million children are missing out on school. That one quarter of young children are stunted because they don't have enough nutritious food.

It's not fair and it's all the more outrageous because it doesn't have to be this way.
You can play a part in making a lasting change to a child's life. UNICEF focuses on supporting babies to survive their first 1,000 days, and thrive well beyond it.
This period is the most critical time for a child’s development and growth, laying the groundwork for the rest of its life. With simple, low-cost interventions during delivery and in the vulnerable days and weeks that follow, we can reduce the number of newborns dying or contracting diseases.
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