Right now life is unbearable. Lives have been lost, and families shattered.

In Gaza, at least 60 children have been killed and another 444 have been injured in less than 10 days. While 30,000 children have fled their homes.

Children in Gaza are witnessing unimaginable violence and 250,000 children need urgent mental health support to help them cope.

Essential water and sanitation infrastructure have sustained significant damage, leaving 325,000 people in need of emergency water and sanitation services.

At least four health facilities and 40 schools have been damaged. While hospitals are becoming increasingly dependent on generators to provide essential healthcare services. These generators require significant amounts of fuel to function. 

Please donate today and help protect children and their families. 

Patients breathe with the help of oxygen masksThree girls peeking outside a gate at a school used as temporary shelter. Dozens of families in the Gaza Strip have had to flee their homes in fear amid heavy bombardment. Since the escalation in the Gaza Strip began on 10 May, 40 Palestinian children have been killed, with many more injured and displaced. © UNICEF/UN0463031/El Baba

Send Life-Saving Humanitarian Aid to Gaza 

A donation today can send life-saving health and nutrition supplies to families in need. It can help provide shelter to children who’ve lost their homes due to recent violence. 

It can provide medical supplies, fuel, and first aid kits to provide medical care to those in need.  It can also help to restore and improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene services. 

UNICEF is also providing psycho-social support to children who have lost loved ones, or experienced trauma and shock due to violence. 

A donation today can make a real difference to the lives of Palestinian children. 

Health workers wearing personal protective equipmentChildren gather at a water truck to fill bottles with clean drinking water. Prior to this escalation, Gaza already suffered from a shortage of clean drinking water. Current violence makes access to clean water significantly more difficult. © UNICEF/UN0463024/El Baba

How Your Donation Saves Lives

Please help children struggling to survive by donating now to UNICEF Australia

  • With $75 you can help provide 5 children caught up in crisis situations with life-saving emergency food
  • With $160 you could provide 2 water and hygiene kits containing soap, gloves, masks, buckets and water purification tablets
  • With $230 you could supply a health centre with enough medicine to treat 24 children.
In the event that UNICEF receives more funds than we need to respond to the immediate needs of the Palestine crisis your gift will help support UNICEF's work for children in other emergency situations around the world. These are indicative prices. Supplies and shipping prices may change as the response progresses.