Children in Nepal continue to struggle with destroyed homes, a lingering emotional toll and the persistent threat of disease and exploitation following two massive earthquakes that struck near Kathmandu in 2015.

The 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude earthquakes destroyed a staggering 605,000 homes, leaving more than 1 million children in dire need of humanitarian aid.
More than 9,000 people were killed and children are still coming to terms with the deaths of close friends and family – a profound level of stress that needs expert counselling. 

With 80 per cent of health facilities and much of Nepal’s water and sanitation infrastructure destroyed in the quake, rebuilding will take years.
“All the houses are ruined, so is my school. We’re motivating our friends to come back to school, even if we have to study in open fields.”
UNICEF was there from day one, delivering clean water, sanitation and shelter to families sleeping rough, keeping children safe and setting up temporary hospitals so lifesaving medical care could continue. We were there in the tough months to follow, providing nutritional support, helping kids back to school and giving them the psychosocial support they needed to cope and recover. We’ve been in Nepal for more than 40 years and we’ll be there for children as long as we’re needed.
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The task ahead is massive. UNICEF is helping children and families focus on reducing risks and being prepared for disasters whenever and wherever they strike.

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  • return to school with the tools they need to learn;
  • get the right medical care, immunisations and nutritional support;
  • stay safe from the abuse, trafficking and exploitation that lurks in disaster zones; and
  • get the counselling they need to cope with terrible loss and look to the future with confidence.
UNICEF is still working every day to help the children of Nepal rebuild their lives, and we can’t do it alone. Please donate now.
“We are looking forward – but we cannot ignore the desperate situation that still faces so many children across the country. So many young lives have been torn apart and children are still in desperate need of life-saving support, including clean water, health services, nutrition and counselling.”
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