On average, five babies who are less than a month old die every minute. Many die in their first day of life. The greatest tragedy is that these deaths are largely from causes that we can prevent.

Like many issues facing children, preventable child deaths are even further exacerbated in refugee camps. Since conflict started in Syria more than four years ago, the number of children in need has exploded. Today, a staggering 5.6 million children are displaced within Syria, and more than 2 million others have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Newborn babies are the most vulnerable in any situation, but for those born into areas of conflict or crisis, the risk is even greater. That’s when your help is needed most.
Triplets Sami, Ayman and Tamar were born in a refugee camp in Lebanon.
Babies Ayman and Tamar will never get to hear their mother tell them she loves them. But they can still have a fair chance in life; a chance to survive their precarious first months and to grow up strong and healthy. © UNICEF/Lebanon 2015/Alessio Romenzi

Triplets Sami, Ayman and Tamar were born in a snowstorm on New Year’s Day in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Their mother Amena had fled to Lebanon to escape the conflict in Syria. Their new home was a freezing cold tent. 

Amena never got to hold her three little boys in her arms. She died from birth complications before she could even give them names. Sadly, Sami, the smallest and weakest of the triplets, didn’t make it either.

It's too late for Sami. But it's not too late for his brothers Ayman and Tamar.
No life – and definitely not that of a newborn baby – should be lost to a preventable death when it could be so easily saved.
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Your gift will be put to work right away supplying sachets of nutritient-rich Therapeutic Milk to emergency feeding centres, refugee camps and hospitals where UNICEF is racing to save the lives of children like these triplets.

You’ll also help fund the Mobile Medical Units that service the refugee camps in Lebanon, and that hundreds of mothers and babies have come to rely on for medical care. You may also wish to give the gift of nutrition to the children who so desperately need it. 

Sadly, it’s too late to save Amena and her baby Sami. But your gift today will save the lives of others like them.

*All names in this story have been changed to protect the identity of the family.
“Every minute, five children like Sami
die before their time. Please make a
donation now that will save their lives.”
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