It’s a journey no child should have to face.

Right now, conflict and persecution are forcing more children from their homes than ever before in recorded history. Children are leaving behind family, friends and everything they hold dear to embark on a frightening journey.

All in search of somewhere safe to sleep at night. All through no fault of their own.

A staggering one in 200 children in the world today is a refugee. These children face the danger of violence, exploitation and sickness every step of the way. They deserve better.
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UNICEF is delivering emergency aid in conflict zones and refugee camps across the world but we’ve never been needed by so many children globally. Our teams and supplies are stretched to the limit.

We need you now. Together we can deliver life-saving supplies like blankets, safe water and relief packs to children in crisis.  

Malak’s Story

The war in Syria turned Malak’s life upside down.

At just seven years old, Malak made a perilous journey with her mother in search of safety and fell into the heart of the global refugee crisis.
“I don’t like to make anyone sad. If I did want to make you sad, I would tell you our story about when we got into the rubber boat…”
Like so many child refugees, Malak’s journey was unimaginably dangerous, cold and exhausting. She was thirsty but there was no safe water to drink. She was hungry but there was nothing to eat.

UNICEF is working globally to give children like Malak the support and protection they deserve.

Your donation today can help UNICEF deliver:​
  • Water purification tablets to give children access to safe drinking water.
  • Blankets to keep children warm and healthy as they travel through bitterly cold conditions.
  • Emergency relief packs containing food, water purification tablets, hygiene supplies and a first aid kit.
  • Emergency tents to provide shelter along the dangerous road.
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A young boy helps his sister cross a ditch at a refugee and migrant transit centre. A young boy helps his sister cross a ditch at a refugee and migrant transit centre. A young boy helps his sister cross a ditch at a refugee and migrant transit centre.
As UNICEF responds to the global refugee crisis, our life-changing work for children must also continue in more than 190 countries.

Every day our teams are working to give the world’s most disadvantaged and marginalised children a chance to learn, grow up healthy and choose their own futures.

Your donation can help children thrive through UNICEF Australia’s directly supported programs in countries like Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

Please give generously for children in crisis today.
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