For the world's most vulnerable children, UNICEF's presence on the ground is much more than just life-saving deliveries. In their greatest times of need, UNICEF is an encouraging message of hope from supporters all around the world that children have not been forgotten, and a daily reminder that they have every right to survive and thrive, regardless of whatever situation they may be in.


Given the nature and breadth of UNICEF’s work, we need to be able to respond to many varied situations where children are in crisis, every day. It is through the power of our supporters that UNICEF is able to reach the children, families and communities in greatest need on a daily basis. 

Because UNICEF is wholly funded by voluntary contributions, our ability to provide millions of children in need with life-saving vaccines, mosquito nets, nutrition support, safe drinking water and basic sanitation, education and protection from exploitation and abuse fully depends on the generosity and commitment of our donors all over the world – donors like you.

“I dream of being back at school, with my parents returned to me.”
When you donate to where the need is greatest, you help UNICEF to be there for children who are in the greatest need every time, wherever that may be. By building up a steady pool of flexible resources, UNICEF is also able to respond quickly and effectively if and when an emergency strikes, heading straight to the source to offer immediate relief in the hours and days following a crisis.

UNICEF gets results.

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“Where a child is born should not determine
his or her destiny. We must get vital
services and care to children in acute need
now, to provide the building blocks that
will allow them to create peaceful futures”
Your donation to where the need is greatest will also allow UNICEF to invest in long-term development programs that support the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities, meaning the difference between a life of poverty and one of opportunity.  

Donate today to where the need is greatest, and help UNICEF to be prepared to act in any situation to give every child an equal chance to survive and thrive.