Millions of children are in need right now. They’re living as refugees or stuck in the middle of conflict, disaster and war. Your donation is absolutely a lifeline and we want to help you to make sure it has the biggest impact for children.

Children do not cause crises, but unjustly, they are often the most deeply affected. As someone with a big heart, who wants to protect and promote the rights of every child, how do you make sure that your donation is making the biggest impact for children?

We want you to be able to make the most informed decision about donating; so does regular giving or a lump sum win when we need your support the most?

Saving Lives During an Emergency

When a massive earthquake struck Nepal in 2015 — causing the death of 10’s of thousands and the destruction of many history-rich buildings — Australia dug deep. Your generous donations meant that UNICEF was able to act with confidence and scale up our response to the disaster.

It was because of our generous Global Parents however that we were able to be one of the first international aid agencies on the ground, responding to the urgent needs of thousands of children.
UNICEF was one of the first aid agencies to respond in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake. Here, health care specialists carry vaccines to remote and hard to reach children and their families. © UNICEF/UNI199142/Panday

Regular donations mean that we can plan for emergencies - as much as possible - by stocking our supply centres, training specialised staff, and procuring the vaccines, equipment and transport facilities that are needed to respond to disaster in a meaningful and impactful way.

When it comes to planning for the unpredictable, Global Parents help to make sure that the impact of crisis won't be felt as hard or for as long.

Winner: Regular giving

Improving Lives Every Day

UNICEF was born out of a desperate need in the aftermath of history’s deadliest battle: World War Two. Children were in danger, and UNICEF was formed to help bring them life-saving aid, support and protection.

Over 70 years of working in this space has taught us the importance of supporting children for a childhood - not only in the wake of disaster.
Children - most of whom lost their parents in concentration camps - hold hands and play in a circle, and do the same in 2006 in Mozambique. In 70 years of helping the world's most vulnerable children, we've learnt the importance of play to help kids survive, thrive and fulfill their potential. © UNICEF/UN041865/UNICEF@7

When it comes to being able to provide throughout long-term emergencies and projects, we rely heavily on support from our Global Parents, whose generous donations allow us to run programs that may not feature on the news, but have equally devastating impacts for children.

Global Parents make the world go round for these vulnerable boys and girls.

Winner: Regular giving

Getting the Job Done

This is something we’re asked about a lot, and we think that’s fair. People want to know where their money is going, and the impacts it’s having.

When it comes to administration, regular gifts are better for us and for you. Because we can count on you to donate, we can plan our global projects. Knowing what resources are available to us means that we can commit to children and support them wherever they are - even in the world’s most vulnerable and hard to reach places.
One-year-old Son Batyargal has just become a big brother after his mother gave birth in a UNICEF-supported health clinic. Now, his sister faces the first 1000 critical days of life. With the support of our Global Parents, we will be there to help young Sugarmaa grow up to be big and strong just like her older brother. © UNICEF/UN0198615/Njiokiktjien VII Photo

This ongoing support means that we don’t need to invest as much in projects to raise our funds and we can simply get to what we do best - help children. Put simply, we don’t take on as much risk.

Global parents give us the resources to get our job done.

Winner: Regular giving

And the Winner is…

They say that raising children is a marathon, not a sprint, and we agree. Although one off donations are so valuable, our Global Parents are helping to make sure that some of the most vulnerable, forgotten, and hard to reach children are being provided with the support that they need to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential.

We think that’s something we could all get behind.

Become a Global Parent Now

UNICEF can reach children no one else can. We are working tirelessly to vaccinate and treat sick children, strengthen child protection systems and provide safe places for children to learn and play. But we can’t do it alone. You can do your bit by signing up to make a monthly gift & joining our special group of Global Parents.

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