UNICEF stands ready to act for children if requested, following assessment of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck India’s Manipur State mid morning, Sydney time. 
The quake, recorded by the Global Disaster Alert and Co-ordination System (GDACS) is expected to have a high humanitarian impact based on its severity and depth, and population within reach of tremors. Landslips are also predicted because of terrain close to the epicentre.
UNICEF’s regional communications chief Jean-Jacques Simons, based in Kathmandu, said the quake was felt in the Nepali capital.
UNICEF’s offices in India and Bangladesh stand ready to join the humanitarian response for children, following established emergency protocols for each nation and region.
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To aid children in an emergency donate to UNICEF Australia or phone 1300 9 000 11.
Kate Moore, UNICEF Australia, 02 8917 3244 or 0407 150 771, kmoore@unicef.org.au

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