Looking to dig deep for children and young people and make a charity donation? You have come to the right place.

At UNICEF, every day Australians are such a critical part of our work to support and protect children. We work daily to look after your generous donations with incredible care and consideration.  

Our teams here in Australia ensure that every dollar is used to help reach children with life-saving supplies and support, no matter what.  

From delivering programs with our partners in community or supporting governments to create better systems for children to thrive, UNICEF is always there. 

Who is UNICEF funded by? 

UNICEF Australia is 100% donor funded, and despite the misconceptions – we are not funded by the United Nations.  

However, with support from individuals like you, corporates, philanthropic partners and government grants we work together to reach more children with life-saving protection and support. 
2021 percentages are shown as a proportion of operating expenditure which excludes non-monetary expenditure and fundraising costs funded through UNICEF grants. UNICEF Australia’s contribution to children includes funds to international and domestic programs, together with local program support costs and community education expenditure which informs and educates Australians on child rights.
  • Contribution to children goes to delivering health, nutrition, protection, education, water and sanitation programs for children, young people and families in Australia and around the world. 
  • Fundraising helps us update supporters on the impact of UNICEF’s work, so we can grow funds to deliver even bigger impact for children. 
  • Accountability and administration keeps UNICEF running to deliver for every child, no matter what. 

"Children are our future.With funding
from many different donors,we can
have bigger projects that have more
impact and reach more children." 

- Felicity Wever, Director of International Programs

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Children are very excited because they received UNICEF school backpacks in a school in Niger. Delivering school supplies are essential because they provide education equity for children from poorer families and those from vulnerable areas. © UNICEF/UN0443376/Dejongh

How do your donations reach children where they need it most? 

Supporting the world’s most vulnerable children and young people in need has helped to achieve an extraordinary amount in the last few decades. It’s thanks to support from generous Australians that since the late 1980’s:
  • The number of people living in absolute poverty has almost halved from 1.9 billion to 1 billion. 
  • The number of children who die before their fifth birthdays has been reduced by an incredible 60 per cent, from 13 million every year to 5 million. 
  • Since vaccination efforts for polio began, the virus has decreased by 99% globally. 

These are not merely statistics. Every child surviving disease and every family escaping crushing poverty has an important story to tell.  

Clearly, there's still a huge amount of work to be done. We are doing everything we can to make sure their voices are heard, and their needs are met. 


Meet Avalden* from Afghanistan 

Avalden is pictured (left) after he was rescued by his father (pictured right) and family members from underneath the rubble of his collapsed home (pictured right). © UNICEF/2022/Bidel

In 2022, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake stuck the Central Region of Afghanistan killing approximately 1,036 people, 167 of which were children. 

Avalden was one of the thousands of people injured by the disaster. He was rescued by his family from underneath the rubble of the collapsed walls of his home.  

Thanks to the quick response of people like you, we were able to immediately respond within hours to this crisis that deeply affected children just like Avalden.  

With our partners, UNICEF teams delivered life-saving emergency supplies to affected communities, including 900 hygiene kits, 980 winter kits, 200 emergency family kitchen kits, tents, blankets, warm clothes and tarpaulin.  

Urgently needed health supplies, medicines and psychosocial support were also supplied to help children like Avalden to recover from injuries, shock and trauma. Our teams have been in Afghanistan for 65 years and even in the face of the escalating crisis, our work for the children and families will continue. We have a presence in every region of the country.  

*Names have been changed for child protection 
Help children in Afghanistan

You’re a change-maker, here’s why... 

Sometimes when we hear about huge emergencies like drought, conflict and food shortages we lose sight of what they really mean for people.  

From Afghanistan to Ukraine, families just like yours and mine are being plunged daily into heart-breaking and unfair situations out of their control.  

At UNICEF Australia we make sure that we are always there for children, no matter what. Our global supply network and presence in more than 190 countries means we can respond to crisis and disaster within 48 hours.  

We stay to deliver innovative interventions to communities, strengthening all systems that support children, to ensure our solutions are sustainable. Our aim is to provide children and young people with the tools to build their own futures. 
In 2022, Olena holds her son, Mikhailo in a tight embrace in front of their home in Ukraine, damaged by conflict in the region. The mother and son were reunited with support from UNICEF after a month apart. Olena says, “When I saw Mikhailo today, I held him and we cried ... It feels like the life has come back to me since we’re together again.” © UNICEF/UN0632758/Gilbertson VII Photo

Why give to a global organisation? 

If you’ve given to UNICEF globally, you’re part of the community that stamped polio out of most of the world, delivered more than 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines to hard-to-reach communities and helped Ukrainian children access clean water, medicine and winter supplies through the chaos of war. 

Uniquely, as a UNICEF Australia supporter, you are also helping to deliver innovative long term development programs that are run a little closer to home.  

We have programs that are delivered right here in Australia and in some of our closest neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific. These programs align with the interests of Australians, support children and young people where the need is greatest. 
Students learn with their educator as part of the Indi Kindi program, delivered by the Moriarty Foundation and supported by UNICEF Australia. This inclusive early childhood education program, delivered on Country by local Indigenous women, gives little ones the best start to life by integrating education, health and wellbeing. © Moriarty Foundation//Lister

If we consider what the world would look like if UNICEF humanitarian workers and volunteers didn’t go to work tomorrow, we know just how important it is that we keep funding these life-changing programs. 

UNICEF is there for children at every stage of their development, no matter who they are or where they live.  

Thank you for your support! 
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