The most devastating natural disaster to hit Fiji in recorded history left no one untouched and children were among the hardest hit.

As the Tropical Cyclone Winston left Fiji on Sunday, thousands of families braced for the after effects, including searching for loved ones, returning to and in some cases rebuilding their homes and beginning the huge task of clean up and reconstruction. 


Life after Cyclone Winston

All parts of the country experienced strong winds, tidal surges, flooding and cuts to power or water supplies. Over 62,400 people are in 875 evacuation centres, with many more staying with relatives or in other displacement sites.

While UNICEF provided emergency aid across the country, we met with children and their families across the country to understand their situation. And, along with photographers Vlad Sokhin and Joseph Hing, we captured these powerful photos which depict the devastating impact of the cyclone on local communities. 

Makereta, 13 years old

Makereta Nasiki, 13 is sitting on a wooden bed frame in what used to be her room. The roof is missing and sunlight streams through; she runs her feet through the water that covers the floor of her entire house.

“I was terrified, I don’t know what we’ll do now,” she said.


Kalisi and her son 3-year old Tuvosa 

Kalisi holds her son Tuvosa and explains how he has changed since Cyclone Winston tore their house apart.

“We have lost everything. When my soon realised what happened to our house, he cried. Every time he comes here he cries. He almost doesn't talk to us, I think it affected him", she said.


Gabriel, Nasau Village

Gabriel is sitting in what used to be his house. During the storm, he was in the house with his mother, three sisters and brother when the roof and walls were blown away.

Children in Navuavua village, Ra Province

These children coped with Cyclone Winston by making a safe space with two sofas. They huddled in it through the night of the cyclone.

Lusiana, 10 years old

Here 10-year-old Lusiana (right) is helping her grandmother and auntie sort through and fold clothes for her family at Rakiraki village, Fiji.

Helping children and families in urgent need

UNICEF Pacific is working in partnership with the Government of Fiji responding to the urgent needs of affected children and communities.

You can help UNICEF reach more families in crisis by making a donation.