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The Gift of Learning
For children who have been driven out of their homes due to violence and conflict, school is a sanctuary that makes the world feel safe and normal again. Education is the right of every child, yet around the world, millions of children are not in school. 

Mariee, 16, was one of those children. He was unable to go to school for two years because of the ongoing war and violence in his home town in Ghouta, Syria.
Mariee, 16, was unable to attend school for two years because of ongoing conflict in his home town in Ghouta, Syria.

"When I was in Syria, I was always the best in my class. Then the bombing happened and I couldn’t go to school anymore,” Mariee says.

Mariee and his family fled Ghouta and now live in theAzraq refugee camp in Jordan. When they first arrived, Mariee was worried about returning to school at a UNICEF child-friendly facility called the Makani centre. 

The centre provides learning support, community-based child protection, early childhood development, adolescent and youth participation, life skills and innovation labs to children in the camp. In Azraq, there are nine Makani centres with more than 4,000 children attending. 

“I did not want to go to school because my academic success had been trampled,” Mariee says.

“I thought my future was lost." 

“But when I started to go to Makani, I felt that I wanted to continue my education.”
Give the gift of learning
A UNICEF Makani centre in Jordan. © UNICEF/UN0240685/Herwig

With the support of the centre’s staff, Mariee went back to school. Mariee now dreams of becoming an electrical engineer. 

“Electricity literally brings us from darkness to light.”

Attending classes in UNICEF-supported safe spaces provides the stability, structure, and routine children need to cope with the trauma and stress of war and displacement.

Education is vital for every child to flourish in life, especially in conflict-affected areas where children need to learn not only how to read and write but to build peaceful environments for their future. 

"Electricity literally brings
us from darkness to light."
Give the gift of learning
The Gift of Play
In the middle of war zones and refugee camps, UNICEF helps create one of the most special things: a safe place for children to play. 
Soccer balls are so much more than a toy for children who have fled crisis, violence and torture. Playing can help free a child from trauma and helps them find regularity amongst the chaos. It is also a way for children to make friends and rebuild from incredible loss. 

The heavy rain and flooded ground is no deterrence for these children when it comes to playing soccer in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. 
A boy plays soccer in flooded waters in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh. © UNICEF/UN0205641/Sokol
Give the gift of play

Mass killings and sexual violence sparked a refugee crisis for half a million Rohingya children who have been forced to make the gruelling journey to Bangladesh.

They arrived with harrowing stories of burned homes. They’re sick, hungry and struggling every day in the harsh conditions of a crowded refugee camp.

UNICEF and partners are working around the clock to provide for the needs of the enormous refugee population who will be all the more vulnerable during the upcoming monsoon season. These children deserve our help.

You can help keep a child learning and playing through crisis by purchasing a Father’s Day 'Play & Learn Pack'.

Each pack contains 100 pencils, 30 exercise books, 20 textbooks, and three soccer balls to help send children on a lifelong journey of learning and fun.
A group of boys play soccer in flooded waters in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh. © UNICEF/UN0205639/Sokol
Give the gift of play


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