Sure, there are rules and homework, exams and early starts, but when you think about your school days it's the little moments of fun, friendship and discovery that really matter. Here are ten moments H&M and UNICEF want every child in Myanmar to experience.

Young students climbing onto a school bus

1. When the bus rolls up and your best friend has saved you a prime spot on the back seat.

A group of young children giggling and smiling

2. When you're waiting for the first bell and you're still free to run around, play and get into fits of giggles about the silliest things.


3. When it starts raining and everyone loses it.

Child building a toy wooden tower

4. When you build the highest tower in the class and you feel like a total genius.

Young girl playing with a plastic telephone

5. When you're loving playtime and you don't even care that it's a plastic phone - because you're talking to a polar bear about a pyjama party and it's very important business.

Children gathering for a soccer game

6. When your team wins the big match and you smashed the winning goal in top right corner.

Group of children creatively writing in their exercise books

6. When everyone settles down for creative writing and the room is perfectly still and your imagination flows onto the page.

Young child learning in school

8. When you're one point away from winning a gold star and can barely stand the suspense.

Young boy happily writing out the alphabet

9. When you're just stoked to be nailing the alphabet.

Young school girl completing school work with a teacher

10. When the teacher only gives you a hint and you work out the answer all by yourself. (When she believes in you.)


Making it possible

Every child deserves to know the joys of learning like these students in Myanmar but, elsewhere in the country, more than one million children are missing out. 

That's why H&M and UNICEF have teamed up to make a big impact. H&M Conscious Foundation have launched a global campaign to bring quality education to over 350,000 children in Myanmar, and you can help.

Here's how it works: for every gift card bought over the holidays, H&M will donate 5% of the total amount to UNICEF's education program. It's that simple. It's the gift that gives back and you can pick one up in any H&M store.

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