As she prepares for the arrival of her third child, UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Maternal Health, Carrie Bickmore, is throwing her support behind saving the lives of tiny newborns around the world.

For years now I have been an Ambassador for UNICEF. I became an ambassador for UNICEF because about ten days after I had Ollie, I was at home and I had a massive haemorrhage and I needed to be rushed to hospital. I needed an operation and blood transfusions and it was a horrible time.
If it wasn’t for the incredible country that we live in and the doctors, the surgeons and the healthcare that we have here, who knows what the outcome could have been for me.

But I realise that I am just lucky. I am lucky that I live in this country and there are thousands and thousands of women giving birth all over the world who aren’t lucky like I am and they don’t have access to what I have access to.

Love a little hand feeling it’s brother or sister kick 💕

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UNICEF do incredible work in the developing world and one of the things I am involved in is trying to help women birth safely in these countries and for babies to survive because 2.5 million babies die within their first month of life that 6,500 babies a day in cases that are 80 percent preventable. 80 percent of those deaths are preventable.

I am a passionate supporter of all the work that UNICEF does.
Carrie has two children and is due to give birth to her third child in the coming months. Photo: Carrie's Instagram

How are we helping?

  • UNICEF is ensuring mothers and their babies have access to affordable, quality healthcare.
  • We can provide lifesaving interventions such as immunisation, breastfeeding advice and increased access to water and sanitation.
  • We train health workers who can save the life of a newborn at the most critical time.
  • And, we provided critical tools such as baby resuscitation kits to ensure every newborn has the best chance at life.
UNICEF Australia thanks Little Innoscents baby products for their generous $20,000 donation in support of Carrie's pregnancy photoshoot organised by her radio co-host, Tommy Little, to raise awareness and funds for newborns around the world. 

We would also like to thank Carrie for her ongoing support as an Ambassador for UNICEF Australia. The proceeds of her pregnancy photoshoot, via her radio program The Carrie and Tommy Show, are providing vital vaccinations, better health facilities, and training for medical staff to help save newborn lives.

Take a look at what happens when Carrie let's Tommy take over her family photoshoot...
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