How did you keep busy during lockdown?

During October, passionate UNICEF Australia supporters joined the challenge to walk 7km for seven days and raise vital funds to support children. Alex Fraser from Melbourne, Australia was one of our dedicated Water Walk participants. Here’s her story.
I first heard about UNICEF's Water Walk during Melbourne's lockdown period over a Zoom catch up with a friend. Initially I thought it was a great opportunity to keep active and motivated during lockdown, while also staying connected to friends who I couldn’t see because of restrictions. Staying active has always been important to me as a working mother, especially this year. 
Melbourne-based Alex Fraser (left) takes part in UNICEF Australia’s Water Walk, and children carry clean and safe water from a nearby well in Uganda (right). © UNICEF/UN025709/Bongyereirwe

Once I started learning more about the issues children face surrounding access to safe and clean water, the Water Walk became even more meaningful. A 7km walk is a long way for anyone, especially day after day, and we weren't even carrying water. The amount of time this must take away from a child's day is staggering. 
"It was a good opportunity to be a
positive role model for my children." 
Comparing this situation to that of my own children, who only need to walk a couple of metres to our kitchen sink to get fresh water, really spurred me on. It was a good opportunity to raise the issue amongst my friends, family and colleagues, and to be a positive role model for my children, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when health is a priority.  

I ended up doing 7kms in seven consecutive days from 1 October, then kept going with as much walking as I could for the month, reaching a total of 274kms. ​Doing the Water Walk made me realise the lengths some children have to go to just for water – something we take for granted. It was a fantastic way to keep active together, even while apart. 
Together, our incredible Water Walk participants raised more than $111,000 to support children with access to clean water and sanitation.  
Thank you!