Every new year, people around the globe make an annual promise to themselves.

"My New Year's resolution is..."

This New Year, why not make a resolution that will help children far into the future? 

Our donors choose to give what they can because they know how even a little contribution can make a life-changing difference to children. 

Hamza lives in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan alongside 80,000 refugees who have fled ongoing conflict in Syria. Thanks to your support, Hamza has continued to study and learn. 

“This note was written by my teacher when I was in first grade in Syria. It’s a thank you letter to my family saying that I am a good student,” Hamza, 14, says.

The note calls him “a star”.

“I made sure to put it in my bag when we were coming here.”
Hamza, 14 years, holds a handwritten note, from his teacher in Syria, in Za’atari Refugee Camp. ©UNICEF/UN0264953/Herwig

Hamza is now in the eighth grade and despite the disruption to his education, he has made a big effort do well in school.


"It's important to me to keep it
because it reminds me of when I
was the best student in my class."
Children on their way to a Makani centre in Jordan. ©UNICEF/UN0263654/Herwig

UNICEF Makani centres (Makani meaning “my space”) have helped children, just like Hamza, by providing them with a place to feel safe and one where they can receive learning support.

There are 13 Makani centres spread across each district of the camp where 44,000 children live.
UNICEF has supported the healthy growth and development of children in Za'atari refugee camp since it opened in 2012.

But our work in places like Jordan could not be possible without the support of long-term donors who invest in the futures of children around the world.
The Makani centres are a safe place for children to play and learn. ©UNICEF/UN0263715/Herwig

It is easy to make a big difference.

Leaving a gift in your will this new year, is a powerful way to help improve the lives of children in need. Even just one per cent of your estate can help educate children in remote areas of war-torn countries, giving them safe places to learn and play.

The GoodWill Project connects people like you who’d like to leave a gift in their will, with solicitors who can provide their services free of charge, on behalf of UNICEF Australia. This is your chance to help UNICEF provide vital support to vulnerable children in almost 200 countries around the world.

Remembering UNICEF Australia in your will means we can carry on protecting vulnerable children far into the future. Your decision will help save lives and give those most at risk a chance of a better childhood. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

12-year-old Rawan (right) and her sister Bayan show the painting they have made at the Makani centre supported by UNICEF. ©UNICEF