Thai Dang, Brisbane


Thai Dang was born in a remote village in Vietnam. At 13 years old, he suffered from a severe case of malaria. Just when his family thought there was nothing more that could be done, a UNICEF medical team on the ground provided him with medication that saved his life. 

Thai is just one example of the difference that UNICEF is making in the lives of children all around the world.

“I know that without UNICEF, I wouldn’t have the life I have now.” - Thai Dang

Today, Thai is passionate about giving back to UNICEF to allow for more children to be given a chance at a better future.

With your help, UNICEF can continue to be there for every child well into the future. By leaving a gift in your Will, you will play a vital role in helping us deliver our life-changing assistance to children everywhere for generations to come.

Helen & Jonathan Beeby, Melbourne


Helen and Jonathan Beeby with their three sons.

My husband and I have given both volunteer time and financial help to a number of causes for many years. We felt it important to include some of them in our Will to continue that support for generations to come. One area of our support has been in international development. I often have a sense of the postcode lottery of life that allows one nation and its people to have so many advantages while other countries and communities endure desperate situations, war zones and natural disasters.

Inevitably, it is the children and women who suffer most of all. It always seemed such a random and unequal birthright. We have three sons. They have been blessed with the advantages of living in the UK and Australia. To imagine them living through the plight faced by so many children around the world triggers something of a sickening knot in my stomach. We are grateful that our boys have not had to face such human tragedy or cultural challenges, and this spurs us on to do whatever we can to alleviate even a small part of that suffering elsewhere. This makes our gifts to UNICEF vitally important – and a gift in Will most important of all.


We have, of course, made provision for our boys in our Will – but we have chosen to divide our residual estate between charities that we feel strongly about. UNICEF is one of them. We know their work has stood the test of time, tackles widespread global issues and is backing moves to effect change for a better world - so we can all live with the same peace, full bellies, equality and freedom that our family and society enjoy every day. We hope that our legacy may contribute to such a vision for a better world for all children.

Helen and Jonathan Beeby, Melbourne.

Traudl Moon, Melbourne

“I’ve always travelled and have seen the work of UNICEF on the ground in places like East Timor. When I compare the experiences of those children with that of my own grandchildren here in Australia, it’s literally worlds apart. No basic necessities or opportunities to change their future. At my age, I feel it’s my responsibility as a global citizen to give back. I want to instill a sense of global awareness in my grandchildren. That’s why I’ve remembered UNICEF in my Will.”

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