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Emergency Update

Morocco Earthquake

Just after 11 pm on Friday, 8 September, local time, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco. Sadly, 2,800 have reported to have died and more than 2,500 people have been injured.

The earthquake was the hardest to hit Morocco since 1960, causing widespread devastation between the Atlas Mountains and the city of Marrakesh. Many buildings were turned to rubble and those who survived have been sleeping outside in the streets or sheltering in public buildings or spaces. 

By donating to our Children's Emergency Appeal, you are helping children and families whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters and conflict.

Today, there are more children in need of humanitarian assistance than at any other time since the Second World War.

Your generous support helps our team to respond to emergencies and to support the long-term development of children, no matter what.

When war breaks out, or disaster strikes, the chaos and insecurity that follows leaves children at high risk. They often lose their home, school, and loved ones. Their access to food, water and health care is affected, and many children are left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.  

UNICEF works around the clock to be there for children before, during and after an emergency. Whether it’s the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, the ongoing conflict in Sudan or Ukraine, or the cyclones in Vanuatu, Bangladesh and Myanmar, UNICEF is on the ground, delivering life-saving supplies to children in just 48 hours.

After emergencies fade from the headlines, UNICEF continues to be there for every child, rebuilding lives and communities by delivering and supporting long-term development programs, and advocating for children and young people. 

But we can’t do this alone. UNICEF needs your help so that we can continue to build sustainable futures for every child, no matter what.

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Help deliver hope to children in climate emergencies.

A mother and their child standing next to flooded water. © UNICEF/UN0847811/Haro

Families are still recovering after the catastrophic climate-induced floods left one-third of Pakistan under water in 2022.

Benazir holds her three-year-old daughter, Oumara, next to stagnant water that remains more than six months after the devastating Pakistan floods of 2022. Devastatingly, Benazir lost a child amidst the tumult of the floods, and her eight-year-old daughter, Uzma, was forced to drop out of school to work in the fields as the family continued to struggle to make ends meet.

“My husband works when he can in the banana plantations and earns around 200 or 300 PKR ($1.90 AUD) a day,” Benazir says. “[Before the floods] we didn’t have access to drinking water and our children were hungry because of the lack of food. Now, everything is even more difficult.”

Thanks to the support of generous people like you, UNICEF remains on the ground, assisting families like Benazir with access to life-saving nutrition, clean, safe water, temporary learning centres and child-friendly spaces for children to play, learn and cope with trauma. But one year later, the recovery from the sheer scale of the devastation is still ongoing.

We need your help to do more.

1 b

Almost half of the world's children (approximately 1 billion) live in extremely high-risk countries impacted by climate change.

274 m

274 million people required humanitarian assistance in 2022, up from 235 million in 2021. With the number of natural disasters and escalating conflicts in 2023, the numbers may be even higher.

How will my donation help children?

Your donation helps our teams deliver vital supplies so that children impacted by conflict and natural disasters can have a brighter tomorrow.

  • $90 could help provide 18,000 water purification tablets. Each tablet can create up to five litres of safe drinking water.
  • $150 could help provide 285 sachets of Plumpy’Nut®, a therapeutic peanut paste, to help save the lives of two children.
  • $311 could help provide a School-in-a-Box kit so 40 children can continue their education.

    How do we use each dollar donated?

  • 82¢
    last year, 82 cents went directly to program expenditure and community education, including long-term development and emergency response work.
  • 13¢
    last year, 13 cents covered the essential costs of raising public awareness and fundraising to generate more support for UNICEF’s work.
  • 5¢
    last year, 5 cents were spent on UNICEF Australia’s accountability and administration.

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