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A message from our Chief Executive

For more than 70 years UNICEF has been making a difference to millions of children around the world every day. Often it's the difference between thriving and surviving, and we couldn't have done that without supporters like you.

You make sure we're there for the children that need us. It's an incredible achievement, but with 1 in 6 Australian children born into poverty and continuing conflicts, famine and natural disasters all over the world your long-term support is vital.

That is where Gifts in Wills come in. These special gifts now account for over 8% of our funding. Today generous Australian individuals are making a difference for children caught in crises around the world, because of an action they took, sometimes many years ago. With a gift in your Will we can continue to grow our impact in Australia and all over the world. We are passionate about giving every child a fair chance and I hope you are too.

Thank You,
Tony Stuart
Chief Executive.
Tony Stuart visiting a UNICEF programme.

You can leave a lasting legacy for children.

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You can look after your family and provide for others.

When Helen and Jonathan Beeby from Melbourne decided to leave a gift in their Wills to UNICEF, they were able to make provisions for their three sons as well. Read their story.
“I've always travelled and have seen the work of UNICEF on the ground in places like East Timor. When I compare the experiences of those children with that of my own grandchildren here in Australia, it's literally worlds apart. No basic necessities, or opportunities to change their future. At my age I feel it's my responsibility as a global citizen to give back. I want to instil a sense of global awareness in my grandchildren. That's why I've remembered UNICEF in my Will.”
BBC veteran journalist and UNICEF ambassador Martin Bell OBE on the difference Gifts in Wills make to children's lives.
“We believe that children deserve a chance to make a good life for themselves, no matter what circumstances they're born into. We made a joint decision to leave our entire estate to UNICEF, so that more children get a chance to improve their lives.”
Leaving UNICEF a gift in your Will could help rewrite the future for children all over the world

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