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Vanuatu Cyclones

A state of emergency has been declared as Vanuatu was hit by two tropical cyclones and an earthquake, leaving an estimated 58,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance.

Since 1 March 2023, Vanuatu has been hit by two tropical cyclones, Judy and Kevin, and an earthquake measuring 6.5 magnitude, damaging homes, buildings, power lines and infrastructure across the island nation, with the worst-affected provinces being Shefa, Penama and Malapa.

Access to safe water is critical as no running water is available in the main affected areas. Education and healthcare have also been severely impacted, with schools remaining closed and some healthcare facilities damaged.

Communications with outer-lying areas are sporadic, and as information is still being collected, the potential damage is expected to increase. UNICEF's priority is to ensure the survival and protection of children and their families in all affected areas.

There for children before, during and after an emergency

Distribution of emergency supplies

UNICEF is already on the ground, working with partners to ensure the effective distribution of essential emergency supplies, including tents, hygiene kits, water filters, water tanks, tarpaulins, recreational kits, school-in-a-box materials, early childhood development (ECD) kits, and midwifery kits.

UNICEF’s warehouse in Vanuatu is fully stocked, and we have also packed up more supplies in Fiji and loaded a vessel ready to sail to Vanuatu in the coming days.

Always there before, during and after an emergency, UNICEF has six additional warehouses throughout the Pacific region, enabling us to provide rapid support to communities affected by emergencies. These warehouses are strategically located to ensure the timely and effective delivery of critical supplies to those in need.

Two tropical cyclones landed in Vanuatu, affecting the entire country, causing more damage to buildings, power lines, and infrastructure in areas around the country.
On 3 March, Tropical Cyclone Kevin landed in Vanuatu, affecting the entire country just hours after Tropical Cyclone Judy made landfall, causing more damage to buildings, power lines, and infrastructure in areas around the country.
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Young girl affected by the cyclones in Vanuatu
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Vanuatu Cyclones

Help children impacted by two tropical cyclones that hit Vanuatu within three days of each other.