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Essential Need: providing essential water to children in need

Essential Need is supporting UNICEF’s life-saving supply of water purification tablets to children and communities, where the need is greatest.

UNICEF welcomes Essential Need's initiatives and sincerely thank its supporters.

“Good health, clean water
and nutritious food are a child's right.”

Clean water is something many of us take for granted. If we’re thirsty we turn a tap or open a bottle. We wash and flush and bathe and clean without thinking anything of it.

But millions of children around the world are forced to drink unclean water  and face illness, exhaustion – even death. Tragically, children die from easily preventable waterborne diseases every day. Children – particularly girls – are often denied their right to education because many schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities. Many women around the world are forced to spend a significant portion of their day fetching clean, safe water.

UNICEF’s water, sanitation and hygiene programs offer simple solutions on a large scale to reach children with improved drinking water and sanitation facilities, improve their health and lower the risk of preventable disease. UNICEF works to restore access to vital supplies of clean water and sanitation facilities in emergencies.

Purifying water at school

Surrounded by students, teacher Caroln Naliaka empties a sachet of purifying powder into a bucket of water, at Kenamkemer Primary School in Lodwar. UNICEF provides the school with supplies and teacher training in addition to supporting initiatives in water, sanitation and hygiene.

UNICEF Australia recognises the generous support of Reza Haremi, founder and CEO of Essential Need, for his previous support as CEO and Founder of UNICEF Champion for Children business supporter Essential Mall.