Earth-Friendly Pack

It is no surprise that when we are left in the dark, even the most simple tasks become a challenge. This Earth Friendly Pack helps every child to overcome this obstacle so that even without electricity, they are able to continue learning. It comes with a solar lamp and a solar wind-up radio so that every child can stay connected, regardless of how remote they may be.

Brightening children's futures with solar energy

A young girl is using a solar lamp to read
© UNICEF/UN0327349/Du
9 year old Meiskina is pictured to be using her solar lamp so that she can continue to read and learn at home, even when it gets dark.

Without access to electricity, the absence of light during the night severely limits a child’s ability to progress in their education, especially when they must balance their daily chores with school. With the solar lamp and solar wind-up radio, children like Meiskina are able to extend their activities into the night and use all hours of the day more purposefully.

UNICEF is there to support every child, every step of the way, because no child deserves to be limited by the dark.

Every child needs our help, but so does our earth. Protect the earth by empowering children today with this Earth Friendly Pack.