160 Bars of Soap for Hygiene & Health

Now more than ever, we all recognise the importance of handwashing. But 40 percent of the world simply don’t have access to handwashing facilities.

Your gift will provide 160 bars of soap for use in health centres, schools and child-friendly spaces wherever the need is greatest. Regularly washing hands with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of diseases.

Give the gift of hygiene & health.

In schools in Jordan, soap helps to prevent the outbreak of deadly, but preventable disease

Sanitation can make all the difference during emergencies
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Since the emergence of the coronavirus as a global pandemic, UNICEF and partners scaled up hygiene awareness, distributions of soap and community engagement activities, particularly in vulnerable communities, to empower children and their parents to protect themselves. 

Only 33 percent of public schools in Jordan have access to basic sanitation facilities

As part of UNICEF's WASH in schools programme, children in this mixed primary school in Jordan take part in a handwashing demonstration. The students have been receiving and practicing hygiene promotion for three months. It can be difficult, the Principal explains, to find space in a tight school budget to spend on hygiene materials or infrastructure – even purchasing soap for the 67 students in this rural area can be a struggle.

“I wash my hands so germs don't get on them.
Germs can make people sick or even kill them." 
With this huge need for improved toilets and water provision for students in Jordan, UNICEF is targeting 25 schools for its WASH in schools programmes – to improve the WASH facilities and establish Environment Action Clubs - targeting close to 10,000 students in 2020.